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Rent a car in Almaty. Car renting with Naniko

The former capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty is very highly developed and the largest city in the country, regardless of fact that has lost its former status. Keeping the relevance to this day remains the cultural and financial heart in Central Asia and is amongst the 50 most expensive cities in the world.

Getting ready for the ride in such an exciting journey, one should prepare well in advance for maximum convenience and arrange a vehicle rental in Almaty. For tourists it is a great opportunity to better explore the characteristic style of the town and for business people – a great tool for movement during their business trip.

Experience the hospitality of the beautiful city via service of car rental in Almaty with the best rates from Naniko!

  • In the cost of rent we include car insurance with limited liability for damage, theft protection (see details in the contract), also local taxes.
  • Upon receipt of a car is required to leave a pledge in case of any defect to the auto during the lease period, which is returned in full if there are none.
  • Many service providers require a deposit initially to pay the cost of gasoline, but fuel policy of Naniko includes to get the car with a full tank and return with same quantity of gasoline.
  • In most events, the minimum age for rent is determined for 21 years. Most companies charge extra for young driver, we have no charges just a requirement for leastwise two years of practice of driving.
  • If desired, in the beginning you can specify additional drivers if you want to share the pleasure of driving with another person. With this you get from the company special permission.
  • Baby seats, luggage baskets, navigators, ski racks and other things are the additional devices and can also be ordered when booking online, or on the spot and paid for here.

With unlimited mileage from Naniko for auto hired in Almaty achieve more entertaining route!

As already noted, Almaty has not lost a wealth cultural life, as evidenced by such activities as part of the show and seminars in the English theater of Kazakhstan.

The Presidential Palace is a stunning instance of the architecture, which is open to the public, and sometimes you can also meet here the president.

The memorial park was dedicated to the heroes of Kazakhstan who died in the struggle against fascism.

The park has an Orthodox church where services are held, and is the opportunity to enjoy listening to hymns.

If you have a vehicle rented in Almaty, in addition to sightseeing, visitors can have fun on the snowboarding or cross-country skiing in the ski resort Tabagan, carried away by jumping, cycling or relax in the spa Tau.

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