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Car rental in Astana. Reasonable prices for rent a car from Naniko

The capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, in fact, is a striking example of the architecture of a futuristic direction, which shows a building, transforming it into a genuine collection of modern times. The city is still in the making, is already showing its sprout wings of beautiful butterfly, which promise to become the focus of the whole of Central Asia.

To discover this fascinating area, you will be helped by rent a car in Astana, at which you will be able to arrange your own routes in total freedom and comfort.

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With an auto rented in Astana by Naniko, enjoy a trip to the town of the future and the peace!

The city, founded in the 18th century and until to the present day many times changed its name as well as functionality.

This inexorably growing metropolis today seems a paradise for admirers of modern architecture. Thanks to considerable financial contributions, coming from the oil resources here are operated such a celebrities like Kurokawa, Norman Foster and Manfredi Nicoletti.

Impressive Baiterek Tower, which has a symbolic role for the city, is a skyscraper of 97 meters and is topped with a huge golden sphere, offering stunning views of the city.

Impressive is also the Pyramid of the peace which held interreligious and intercultural dialogues, what is exactly the expression of its main purpose and aspirations of the nation. There are two art galleries, a museum of archeology and ethnography, as well as Opera house.

While having a tour by your vehicle hired in Astana, you will also notice a lot of notable buildings such as the concert hall of Kazakhstan, in the form of flower petals, Presidential Palace, of more traditional forms, topped with a blue dome, also an amazing giant transparent tent of Khan Shatyr, which covers open recreation area of the size of 10 stadiums.

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