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Car rental in Tbilisi. Rent a car at unprecedented rates from Naniko

Tbilisi, with its 1.5 million inhabitants is the metropolis and major city of Georgia and is placed on the banks of the Mtkvari river. People of different religious beliefs, nationalities and cultures have found their home here. A visit of Tbilisi pleasant at any time of the year. There untold wealth of culture, history and architecture attract many visitors year-round.

The city is well equipped with transport, including taxis, subway, buses and taxis. But to enjoy every moment of your journey in this radiant and sunny city, it is recommended to use the services of car rental in Tbilisi to experience the greatest pleasure from the free choice of routes and independence from public transport.

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  • The range of services we provide offers many benefits like unlimited mileage and free road assistance.
  • All our vehicles are insured deliberately and cost of compulsory auto insurance is already accounted for in the price of lease, as well as all taxes.
  • Originally, you are taking the car with a full tank and must be refunded with the same quantity of fuel, which makes it easier system of control for both client and company.
  • Our regular customers are always satisfied with the perfect purity of cars at the reception, as well as relevant technical condition, because our vehicles undergo a technical inspection after each lease.
  • Upon receipt of the car the customer together with the representative of the company must inspect the vehicle for defects that fixed in the act of receiving. And at the return is carried out the same procedure.
  • The transfer of the driving to third parties may be carried out only by previous authorization and special permission from the company.

Explore the attractive capital city and surrounding area by vehicle rented in Tbilisi, at discounted prices from Naniko!

Delicious Tbilisi annually receives numerous tourists who want to spend their vacation in the atmosphere of the treasury of culture, art and architecture. It is impossible not to visit the centuries-old monuments of Christianity such as Anchiskhati, Mamadaviti, Sioni Cathedral, Synagouge, Metekhi Church, Kvashveti and others.

Sameba Cathedral, completed in 2004, the largest and most important monument of Orthodoxy in Eastern Europe. It is disposed on Mount Elia, towering over the old city and is an excellent instance of the iconic buildings of modern architecture.

Symbolic ancient building of the capital is a fortress of Narikala, built in the fourth century.

Tbilisi has many museums that have a lot to offer, and among the popular are an ethnographic museum in the open air, museum of numismatics, arts, Puppet Museum and others.

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