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Rent a car at the airport in Kutaisi, Kopitnari. Car Rental with Naniko

In recent years, Georgia attracts an increasing number of tourists, thanks to the historical richness and diversity of its regions. Among them Imereti region, the center of which is the Kutaisi placed in the list of oldest cities in the world.

The famous story of Greek Argonauts sailed over the sea in search of the Golden Fleece is unfolding here in the ancient kingdom of Colchis.

For those who wish to visit this district interesting is the fact that Kutaisi is served by an international airport and its strategic location allows you to reach different areas of the country.

The most advantageous and cost-effective mean of travel in this case is the service of car rental from the airport of Kutaisi, from where just in a few minutes you arrive in the town.

For you and for your service company Naniko offering auto hire at Kutaisi airport on the best terms!

  • Our fleet disposes cars small, mid and large size, for any number of passengers, even minivans and minibuses up to 15 people capacity.
  • You can choose according to your preferences cars with manual and automatic transmission, petrol or diesel, and by other parameters.
  • Also provided is a range of accessories like snow chains, chairs for children, navigation systems, luggage baskets and more.
  • In the winter season upon request our vehicles are also equipped with winter tires.
  • Prices include basic auto insurance against damage and theft and civil liability.
  • We also provide free roadside assistance in case of accidental damage, which is available 24 hours a day.
  • For the best rest on long journeys, or the desire to share the pleasure of driving, you can initially specify an additional driver, respectively, received from the company the necessary document.

Get all the advantages and unlimited mileage from Naniko when renting a vehicle at the airport of Kopitnarii!

Airport of Kutaisi Kopitnari is a modern building, opened several years ago and may even be regarded as a masterpiece of Art Nouveau architecture. Doubtless the heart of this design is the airport terminal, which occupies four thousand square meters of territory and containing central hall of arrivals, check-in area, departure gate, as well as several shops, car rental, a bar and an outdoor garden where you can pleasantly rest.

Within the structure of the terminal has a form of transparent umbrella functioning as an exit circular for the passengers and provides a view of the lovely scenery of the Caucasus Mountains.

Lookout Tower is a building of 55 meters high, covering an area of 300 square meters, with a large control room of glass with high acoustic performance.

The rest of the various buildings for offices occupies 1,500 square meters.

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