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Car renting at the airport of Paris from Naniko

To immediately start the exploration of the magnificent city, very practical and profitable, arriving immediately get your auto rented at Charles de Gaulles airport. In this way it is a substantial economy of your time, energy and money.


Airport of Charles de Gaulle is the main one in France, with three terminals, annually serves 6 million passengers. There are several dozens of airlines providing access by air routes to major destinations worldwide.


The hub is perfectly tooled for travelers with lessened mobility, as well as by a broad range of services, bars, restaurants, shops, banks, auto renting agencies, and much more. From here you can take a course in various areas and beautiful places in France.


Get detailed information on of auto hire at the airport in Paris at the best rates!

  • Payment of service can be made at your choice- transfer when booking or in the place when taking the vehicle.
  • Confirmation of your reservation, you will get to your email within a few hours.
  • The flexibility of our online system will permit you to make changes to the order without changing the value. However, if you change a car model or the number of days, the price will be calculated according to these nuances.
  • Upon receipt of the machine are required the passport, driving license and the reservation voucher.
  • The cost of insurance and all local taxes are already considered in the price of rent.
  • With a vehicle hired from Naniko you can go to another country after having received special permission from the company.
  • If necessary, you can make a reservation in the name of another person, but when taking the car he must present in person and submit his own documents.


With a car rental at the airport Charles de Gaulle by Naniko all the wonderful places in France within walking reach!

The location of Airport is quite convenient in terms of proximity to the most popular tourist destinations in France: Paris, Disneyland and Versailles. All of these places easily accessible by car leased in Charles de Gaulle, with an excellent motorway network.


Airport, also known as Roissy. All terminals are connected by a free shuttle service.

Bars and restaurants are evenly distributed on the territory of all the terminals. Various thematic shops concentrated mainly in Terminals 1 and 2. There is also a well-equipped eight meeting rooms, as well as a VIP lounge. First-aid services are everywhere, as well as ATMs, banks and bureau of change. With respect to the religious peculiarities of passengers at the airport, you can find a chapel, a synagogue and a mosque.