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Car hire in Armenia by international company Naniko

Armenia is a beautiful country in the depths of the Caucasus, the strategic importance of which was predetermined since ancient times by its geographical location and not only. A huge historical role has been given to these lands as described in the Bible, where it is said that here approached Noah during the Flood to Mount Ararat, the top of which was the only piece of land. Accordingly to this fact it was the first region adopted the Christianity and to this days preserved an amazing temples and monasteries of old times.

See this wonderful country, without missing even a beat, you can with the help of car rental in Armenia. It’s easy to organize via web page, without experiencing any minutes of discomfort by the use of public transportation, loss of time or substantial overpayments for taxi services.

Comfortable ride through the land of beautiful monuments provided by Naniko with auto renting in Armenia!

  • In the fleet of Naniko you will not find restrictions! Whatever your purpose of travel, here you can choose the machine that meets your needs.
  • Diversity of assistive devices are provided in the case of need: GPS navigation system, children’s car seats, luggage baskets, holders of ski, safety chains or more.
  • Payment of accessories can also be performed at the time of reception of the vehicle.
  • To avoid any moments of misunderstanding, we recommend the presence of a driver’s license of the international standard, especially if they are not issued in Latin.
  • If your desire or need, you can specify an additional driver, giving its data respectively. The service has a small supplementary cost.

Save more with low prices by Naniko for the service of vehicle rented in Armenia!

The country, which has significant potential for the development of tourism, offers to visitors unique landscapes and natural areas ideal for ecotourism. But as the infrastructure is still in the development process, not all spheres of services are ideally suited to the needs of travelers. Therefore it is always better to provide yourself by autonomous and independent means of travel, rent a car in Armenia, can be booked in a few clicks from our site.

Cities and areas in Armenia are full of charm and the first and foremost of these is without doubt the capital of Yerevan.
With available to you car renting in Armenia, you can easily go to Garni in Kotayk province and see the castle, dating back to the third millennium BC.
Visit the most important temple of the Armenians – Etchmiadzin Cathedral, give a lasting impression of seeing the incredible artifacts that are stored here, as the shoulder of St. Gregory, Holy Lance, and a few pieces of wood from Noah’s Ark!
Do not miss the chance to enjoy the beautiful nature of Armenia, from the tops of the mountains, along the river, relax on Lake Sevan and try the delicious local cuisine at unimaginable prices.

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