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Car hire in Copenhagen. Rent a Car from Naniko

The beautiful capital of Denmark is the most peopled city in the land. Copenhagen is easily obtainable due to its position and excellent road network, connected with numerous cities in neighboring countries. For this reason, it can be selected as an perfect starting point for trips by car rental from Copenhagen towards continental Europe and Scandinavia.

It will also allow you to have access to whatever hidden and secret corners of Copenhagen and rational use of the time of your trip.


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Copenhagen is a city of a thousand colors and characters representing a harmony alliance of tradition and contemporarily.

Walking on the streets you can admire the historic buildings, ancient museums or art galleries, and the unique Tivoli gardens.


Residents of Copenhagen has a special opinion about the environment and, therefore, the city is full of green areas.

The Danish capital surprises its visitors not only for its pulchritude, but also by a variety of entertainment suitable for all ages.

There can be endlessly surprised by how modernist tendencies in harmony with the classicism of magnificent historic buildings, as, for example Opera House, the Royal Dramatic Theatre and the Royal Palace Amalienborg.


The symbol of Copenhagen, without a doubt, is the monument of the Mermaid, towering on a rock and her eyes seems that expresses sadness because she has to leave this charming town and return in the depths of the sea.


Tivoli Amusement Park, which attracts mass of tourists each year an ideal place for young and old, where during the stroll can be listen the great music, to eat delicious sandwich with a beer or see a beautiful fireworks display of colors that light up the park in the evenings.

In order to admire the city from above, you can go to the Round Tower of Copenhagen, where the whole panorama of the capital clearly visible. Once the tower had a purpose of astronomical observatory, because Denmark is well-known for its discoveries in this field. Today the place still keep its importance in terms of scientific research. The entire observatory is surrounded from the outside platform, allowing review of 360 °.


To enjoy the comfort of a car hire in Copenhagen, do not overlook the fact that there are areas closed to traffic, including the main shopping boulevard, Strøget.