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Car hire in Denmark – Attractive offers from Naniko

Denmark has a large plain territory extending between the extreme part of Germany and the Scandinavian Peninsula, also the northern part of the Jutland peninsula, appertain to the country which together with 500 islands offer magnificent natural areas and extremely popular for tourism.

Very convenient to rent a car in Denmark, in order to make your trip in a perfect comfort and every day to visit all the new places.

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Naniko provides low cost vehicle renting in Denmark, so its practical and easy to move around in a small Danish state!


Denmark is mostly surrounded by the sea, where available everywhere boating, and enjoying delicious seafood is incomparable to anything else.

For fans of the culture here are numerous interesting castles and manor houses, museums with artifacts of days of the Vikings.


Denmark is perfectly suitable place for families with children. Here is the famous Legoland theme park, a visit which often pleases not only children but also adults. In addition, Denmark is full of big and beautiful sandy beaches.


Danish population is about five million people, most of which are distributed in the cities and neighboring areas, and a small part of people living on the Danish islands and Jutland. There is also a certain percentage of foreigners, especially Germans and Scandinavians. The main language in the country is Danish, with the presence of different dialects.


In the presence of a 43,000 square kilometers of area, Denmark is the smallest country in Scandinavia. It is washed by several seas and coastline of about 7300 km, and the coast is mainly sandy, with dunes, dykes and mud plains. It has a temperate maritime climate.


Danish cuisine is defers by healthy and delicious seafood dishes, where you can discover plenty of restaurants that prepare fish specialties. Herring is served in a diversity of forms: smoked, marinated, with sauces, etc. With herring, many Danes drink Aquavit, a kind of gin.

Inasmuch of the high taxes, alcoholic beverages are quite expensive. Beer Carlsber produced in Denmark.