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Helsinki is a contemporaneous European city with a cosmopolitan atmosphere, harmonious lifestyle surrounded by rich natural resources. That as looks like Helsinki, substantially regulated by the seasons. So there is always the long summer days from May till the end of September, when you can marvel at the sunlight at midnight and snowy winter begins in November and December, characterize this wonderful land.

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Helsinki, despite its modernity has a perfectly obvious impression of its past, demonstrated in multitudinous of monuments and museums. In Helsinki live 600,000 inhabitants, but with the metropolitan area the number is increasing to million.

Helsinki is disposed on the coast of the Gulf of Finland and the every year it is visited by millions of tourists. Thanks to its rich and long history, here are represented the richness and beauty of the unusual architectural style.

Many of the monuments are converged in the center, as, for example, on Senado Square, you can see the impressive Lutheran Cathedral Tuomiokirkko, dazzling with bright white material from which constructed. Kauppatori or Market Square with the City Hall and Residence of the president, and there is also a popular market full of stalls with fruit, vegetables and fish.

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Always recommended to visit the National Museum and Theatre.

Very impressive Esplanade Park with old trees linden alley, which were planted in 1840. Since the founding the park has become a favorite one for stroll of residents.

Amongst the places of interest should be called the Museum of Contemporary Art of Kiasma, designed by American architect Steven Holl in a futuristic style.