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When the winds of history swept across the continent, and after the fall of communism, the beautiful metropolis of the Czech Republic still has become a lively city that attracts many tourists. Its medieval center is dotted with towers and magnificent buildings. Along with Charles Bridge are presented impressive statues of saints, and on the other hand, in the Mala Strana you caught sight of the intimate style of the Baroque.

Of course sometimes, to enjoy the splendor of the city does not need transportation, but with rent a car in Prague, it will be very easy to see its surroundings, or other equally attractive locations of the nation.

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Prague majestically stands on the littorals of the Vltava River and two parts of the town are connected by numerous bridges. Prague is located in Central Europe, about 700 kilometers from Amsterdam and 250 km from Vienna.

During the period of communism, Prague had well developed heavy industry, which still plays a consequential role in the local economy. But in addition, since the beginning of the introduction of the free market, the city quickly became progressive as a commercial and financial center in the region.

Old Town – Stare Mesto is the heart of Prague and is placed on the right bank of the Vltava, where there were the first settlers of the eleventh century.

Around Old Town Square for a long time built the houses, and eventually formed a number of lanes, which still exist today.

Populated area was awarded the title of the city in the 13th century, and in 1338 the Town Hall was built.

With the vehicle renting in Prague can visit Hradcany, founded in 1321 as a residence for officers of nearby castle.

In 1774, the settlement of the castle became part of the historical center of Prague. In this area, as in the Lesser Town, it was completely preserved the original appearance of the Renaissance and Baroque style has not experienced any changes following the invasion of modern styles.

Karlov bridge, which connects the old and new part of town is a popular wither for visitors as well as local artists, musicians and souvenir sellers. The best way to visit it late at night when you can enjoy the astonishing views of illuminated Prague.

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