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Car hire at Sarajevo airport by Naniko

The beautiful capital of the nation, Sarajevo has always played an essential role in the historical events of the Balkans and throughout Europe. Despite the war and the survivors of the tragedy, a striking fact is that indomitable city heroically rose to his feet and recover as interesting cultural centers across the continent.

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Sarajevo International Airport is disposed in Butmir, about seven kilometers far from the town and is served by twenty airlines.

It is also known as Butmir Airport.

Initially Butmir airport, which opened in 1930, was used for regular services linking Belgrade with Podgorica through Sarajevo, but in the next years gradually increased the number of flights.

The first international flight to Frankfurt was made in 1970. And over the time traffic was steadily growing.

The first reconstruction of the airport was carried out for the Winter Olympics in 1984, which resulted in the extended runway, improved navigation system and building of a new terminal, designed for maintenance of one million passengers per year.

After heavy war years of the last period, when the airport was used only for military goals, it re-opened for civilian air traffic in 1996 and the next years regained its former popularity.

Since 2000 began an active modernization of the airport with the expansion of the passenger terminal and associated structures and infrastructure that help to resolve the task of capacity constraints.

According to the latest draft, the existing terminal will be expanded to 7,000 square meters and will have a direct link with the commercial center for the convenience of travelers who would like to use the time for shopping before departure. These works are expected to begin in 2015, and in 2017 the airport will already meet with the new modernized shape.