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Rent a car at the airport of Astana. Car Rental at incredibly low rates by Naniko

Since Astana became a super modern capital of Kazakhstan, it has undergone of significant changes, in which has been invested tremendous efforts and huge capital. Visiting Astana intriguing an interesting combination of old Soviet architecture with ultra modern design. While still in the development phase, the city still has an incredible charm and provides a lot of joy for recreation of visitors.

It is reasonable to take advantage of car rental from the airport of Astana, which you can arrange on-line at Taking advantage of this invaluable service, you will be able to seamlessly explore the magnificent sights.

Getting your auto hired at Astana airport by Naniko, start your voyage in search of the most beautiful and hidden beauties of the city!

  • No matter whether you need a car for a family trip, convenient for city streets mini, SUV for mountain trails or cabriolet for a romantic trip, here you will find everything perfectly suited to your needs and budget.
  • Our specialists are always prepared to provide the necessary consultation directly by phone or online chat.
  • Many of our regular customers have confidence in our system of services and high value of low prices with included insurance and taxes.
  • If you desire to specify the supplementary driver, it is important to do in advance, because of obtain special permission from the company.
  • The car can be delivered to any location that you will specify at the reservation, and if your way leads to another city, you can refund a car in our nearest branch.
  • Accessories such as navigation, child seats, luggage baskets, chains and more, you can hire and pay on the spot.
  • The technical team of the company is always ready to help when unforeseen breakdowns on the road.
  • Granted unlimited mileage will allow you to reach more interesting directions.

With your vehicle rented at the airport of Astana provided by Naniko, east to create your own routes and efficient use of time!

Astana International Airport is placed 16 km from the capital.

The first airfield was constructed in 1931 on the outskirts, which gained more progress after the World War II. And in 1963, it was opened current airport, which widely was used by Aeroflot.

Major reconstruction held here since 1997, and as a result of a number of renovations, the airport was brought into line with international standards. The draft of the new passenger terminal was done by the famous Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa.

The terminal is divided into sectors A and B for both international and domestic flights.

During the last years the airport traffic has reached more than 2 million travelers a year.

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