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Car Rental in Brussels with the best offers from Naniko

Far from being a bureaucratic city, Brussels offers to its visitors a dreamy image and architecture, which combines the classicism and modernity.

Given the location of Brussels, it is a appropriate place to begin the journey from here toward many directions. Taking a car rental in Brussels, one will be able to discover many places in central Europe. A search engine on will be the best assistant in this task and in a matter of seconds provide detailed information at the lowest prices.

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Brussels composed of 19 departments, which together form the management system of the metropolis. The town itself is amidst of the departments with a populace of 140,000 people, and the entire capital there are about a million inhabitants.

The city is placed at the intersection of ancient trade itineraries in the core of Belgium.

The centric plaza of Brussels Grand Place is considered as amid the most sumptuous places in the world.

From the Rue de la Loi and to the Schuman Square extends so-called European quarter, where are disposed the main institutions of the EU, the Parliament and the Council of Ministers. The symbol of the city is the Atomium, created in 1958 and is a giant building of 102 meters height.

The city has a very interesting museum of comics, designed by Victor Horta. This is a lively kingdom of famous Belgian comics like Tintin, The Smurfs, Lucky Luke and others, to which devoted 50 murals throughout the city that make an interesting the tourist route.

For every person on the Belgian capital accounts 27.7 square meters of green space. There are multitudinous parks and gardens scattered throughout the town, and a magnificent forest Xuan is in close proximity. All this in conjunction makes it feasible to regard Brussels amongst the greenest capitals in Europe.

Visiting the charming restaurant on the magnificent Grand Place, you will be able to taste the delicious Belgian cuisine, drink a cup of Belgian chocolate with waffles, or stop in a typical brasserie where necessary to try the famous Belgian beer accompanied by mussels and fries.

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