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Bulgaria is a country of incredible diversity, both from an architectural point of view, and on the geographical aspects and climate. There are available for the rest of winter sports and hiking in the snow-crowned pinnacles of the Rila, Pirin and the Balkan Mountains. And for the summer, the magnificent sunny and calm shores of the Black Sea provide by excellent resorts.


This small but picturesque country which occupies the north-eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula, is very convenient to explore via car rental in Bulgaria, and it is easier to plan the preferred route at your own pace and own terms.

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  • The ordered car you can get at the address of our office indicated in the voucher, or inform us beforehand where you desire to deliver it to any address.
  • To pick up a vehicle, you must provide a valid license, passport and credit card of drivers name and the reservation voucher.
  • Get the car at any time is possible even if your flight arrives in the late time, just enough to inform us about it.
  • Policy of fuel in our company can be determined in some variants, but most often in mutual agreement with the customer, we offer cars with a full tank and return to be the similar.
  • If delivery of machine indicated at the airport, it is considerable to specify your flight details, in order that our representative will have the possibility to be informed in the event of delays.
  • Return the can also be agreed in advance with us at your preferred address.

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In fact, Bulgaria is a connection point betwixt East and West, the pulsing center, which divides the European and oriental culture.

Apart from the metropolis Sofia, the plenty of the more developed towns is lengthwise the Black Sea, where can be found hundreds of amazing beaches offering tourists the hot sun, sandy beaches and rough night life. Among them stand out Varna, Burgas, Sunny Beach and Golden Sands.

The rest of Bulgaria offers a wealth of cultural and artistic heritage. Ruins of Orthodox monasteries and medieval culture elements, so picturesque in Bulgaria, that alone would be able to tell the whole story of human civilization.

City of Plovdiv, for example, called the Pompeii of Bulgaria, full of ancient buildings of the Roman civilization, such as the stadium, the Odeon and the aqueduct.


In order to easily visit the country, given the lack of public transport, the best idea is to hire a vehicle in Bulgaria. There are many possible routes, and all are equivalent interesting, but starting from Sofia, you can continue your journey and visit gorgeous cities of Blagoevgrad, Rila, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo and Varna.