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Car rental in Croatia with preferable offers by Naniko

Croatia passed years of difficulties and historical turmoil, gradually restoring the spirit of bygone glory days of tourism. Many tourists in search of recreation, return to the choice of this beautiful land.

If you are planning a long and pleasant journey is certainly have a question of how to more efficiently and economically move around the country. And even without much thought, you can easily come to the conclusion that today, if you move with private transport on a trip, the most reasonable decision is to hire an auto in Croatia.

Despite the fact that the buses run well-established, with your vehicle you will always win more time and save more money and get the pleasant freedom and independence of movement, which will be among the most important criteria for your vacation.

On book your auto renting in Croatia, and get the most exciting trip!

  • Discover the advantages of our company:
  • FREE you get unlimited mileage and help in case of breakdown.
  • The rates offered by us is always already include insurance against damage to the car, VAT
  • You can obtain and deliver the vehicle at any place agreed in advance, and even out of working hours.
  • Huge selection of models and types of vehicles on any criteria on your preference.
  • For maximum safety and pleasure given range of additional devices such as navigators of modern models, luggage baskets, ski racks, child seats of different sizes and more.


Naniko provides auto hire in Croatia, to the most affordable and enjoyable way to explore this admirable land!

Croatia is an European country with a beautiful coastline, breathtaking mount ranges, clear blue lakes and benevolent people, which in general makes it an ideal place to relax.

Here you can spend a weekend in the charming medieval villages, enjoy water sports, fishing and certainly get pleasure of sunbathing on the sandy beaches.

Besides of above mentioned, the historical richness and traditions of such towns as Dubrovnik and Rovinj will not disappoint you with the splendor of its architecture and cobbled streets. Zagreb is full of attractions and proposes innumerable museums and galleries.

And if you are in search of more, with help of vehicle rented in Croatia will be able to go in the direction of Dinaric mountains and make fantastic rock climbing, along with other outdoor activities.

The place of indescribable beauty is green and lush island of Mljet in the Adriatic, where dense forests interspersed with vineyards, salt water ponds and picturesque villages.

The island is named in honor of the honey bee that lives in these places.