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Coming-out of the consternations of the civil war, in the course of which was destroyed most of the infrastructure of the nation, it has long been the start of an active process of reconstruction. As a support in this issue were substantial historical and cultural resources. This small size, mountainous country disposes interesting natural landscapes, like a waterfall Kravica and Rakitnica Canyon.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina, which borders on the west with Croatia, and to the east with Serbia and Montenegro, has only 26 km of coastline of the Adriatic Sea. The populace is about four million inhabitants.

The country is parted into three geographical girdle. From the northwest to the southeast Dinaric Alps are stretched, with the highest vertex at 2386 m. To the center is dominated by low mountains, and the area covered with forests and rich in minerals. And to the northern border river Sava provides fertile areas suitable for agriculture. The entire territory is dominated by a continental clime.

The country, which has undergone a difficult war, is still partially suffering from huge losses and economic damage caused by years of war. The economical situation is not easy, with low output growth, trade deficit and high unemployment. But the wealth of natural resources and huge potential, giving the way for the future and contribute to the revival.

Tourism in the country is growing significantly in recent decade and attracts visitors by its interesting architecture, which is a commixture of Romanesque influences, medieval buildings, the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empires. With the vehicle renting in Bosnia can visit the small but beautiful beaches in the summer, and in winter ski resorts. Medjugorje is an important place of pilgrimage in Europe, which receives annually about one million pilgrims.