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Rent a car from Copenhagen Airport by Naniko

The surroundings of Danish capital are very beautiful, as well as Copenhagen itself. And the airport serving the air traffic of metropolis is also easily reachable from several cities in neighboring countries. Therefore, having arrived here, very convenient to head in different directions.


And this is very convenient to hire a vehicle at the airport of Copenhagen, in order to comfortably make your trip wherever you go.

The road network is well developed and driving is a real pleasure.


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Airport of Kastrup is placed 10 km from the city, but also only 24 km to the west of the Swedish town of Malmo.

Annually, the airport used by more than 21 million travelers and is amongst the main transport hubs of Scandinavian Airlines System.

Kastrup Airport was founded in 1925 and at that time was amidst the first private ones in the world. At present, there are three passenger terminals and one cargo. In 2007, it opened a new station, which connects it with the underground system in Copenhagen.


Additionally to the many services the airport disposes luggage storage betwixt terminals 2 and 3. You can leave things for storage for a period more than a week.

Originally the airport was named Kastrup, after the place in which it is disposed, and the official name has remained to this day.


The terminal 3 has a railway station, where trains run to the Central Station and to other major cities in Denmark and Sweden.

Also, there is a bus connection and bus station is at the exit from the terminal 2.


Airport disposes two hotels, shops, bars, cafes and restaurants. The business center offers all related services and has conference facilities for up to 90 people, as well as 450 people. All halls are equipped with high-tech equipment for communication and presentations. There is also additional access to VIP-hall. In Terminal 2 for passengers is accessible the services such as banks and post, and ATMs are available in all terminals and in many spots are computers with Internet access.