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Rent a car in France with lowest price by Naniko

France, with a rich history, natural beauty and elegance, where the each region presents as something unique, offers to visitors an incomparable attractions, interesting cultural events, a warm welcome and excellent cuisine. Ideal vacation on the beaches of the French Riviera, while for mountain recreation area provided in the northeast, scenic hills and mountains.
France is not only romantic Paris and the famous Eiffel Tower! Many places in the interior of the country deserve a visit, and to travel through most of them the that in the natural and pleasant atmosphere is reasonable to rent a car in France.

Book your car rental in France via online system of Naniko and go to the most beautiful French cities in comfort!

  • As a rule, you are given exactly the car that you have chosen a particular category and a specific model.
  • For the pickup of a car you must have a passport, driver’s license and a voucher of reservation.
  • The rental price is always take into account the cost of insurance for loss or reduction of responsibility, as well as all local taxes.
  • When booking you can specify the location of reception and return of the vehicle, respectively, to your travel route.
  • If your driver’s license is not issued in Latin letters, it is strongly recommended to have the international version of the document.
  • To drive the auto rented, you can specify an additional drivers, who must also submit relevant documents and be present at the moment of pickup.


Get unlimited mileage on auto hired in France from Naniko and you will achieve any distant corners of the country!

Fantastically beautiful and charming France each year attracts of millions of tourists because of the charm of its forests, beaches, art and fashion, as well as delicious cuisine.
Glorious and long history of the people left a rich heritage and so you can visit many castles, fortresses and churches. There are alpine areas, endless plains, the Atlantic coast and the rivers crossing regions.

The first inhabitants of France were Celtic tribes of Gauls who settled in the region around 2500 BC.
Traveling along the coast by vehicle leased in France, you can discover the picturesque villages of Provence, majestic castles of the Loire, the famous wine region of Bordeaux, or to spend a weekend in a romantic French capital Paris.
French culture has evolved over the centuries from a combination of Celtic, Greco-Roman and Germanic elements.
A visit to the country is a great opportunity to go through all the stages of the history and art, from cave paintings of primitive times to the present day.
Seductively beautiful monuments of Paris, with panoramic views of the Eiffel Tower and the grandiose Louvre Museum, and the charm of the Chateau de Versailles and its gardens is difficult to convey in words.