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Rent a car in Germany at low prices with Naniko

Germany is a land of a wide varieties and differences from region to region, so ideal for a visit to a car of economy class. In terms of cultural and architectural landscape, the country combines of variety of elements, which are very easy to open, traveling by car rental in Germany.

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Germany is disposed in Central Europe. It’s area of about 357,000 km2. The country is divided into 16 lands and the capital is Berlin. The population is about 81 millions.

In 1989 there was a great reunion of East and West Germany into one nation, in consequence with the wreckage of communism and the fall of the wall that separated them for decades.

One of the favorite tourist destinations, which is called the Romantische Strasse, stretches along the western border of Bavaria, which connects the Alps to the banks of the Main River. Road length of over 350 km, includes many of the most charming medieval towns and Bavaria, Lower Franconia and Swabia.

The route is perfectly accessible by car rented in Germany, from Wurzburg to Fussen and is about 366 km. Major stops on the south to the north can be done in Fussen, which is notable for its beautiful castles in Neuschweinstein, with its fairy-tale castle that inspired Walt Disney, in Landsberg, which lies on the banks of the Lech River; Augsburg, which was founded by Emperor Augustus in Rothenburg, is a jewel of medieval art and more.

Also among the most interesting routes can be noted, those passing through the valley of the Rhine, from Mainz to Koblenz. This way lies in the beautiful surroundings that inspired to great works of Goethe, and landscapes that seem make return you to the stories of the Nibelungs.

The road that runs along the River Rhine is very convenient for traveling by car, to be able to visit the various places along the way, such as Bingen, Burg Reichenstein, Bacharac. And everywhere the vineyards, the elegant villages and castles.

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