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Hungary is located in continental Europe and has no outlet to the sea. Its territory mainly dominated by flat landscapes. It crossed the Danube and divided into two areas: the Great Hungarian Plain in the east and the west Transdanubian.

Hungary offers tourists an impressive number of attractions, such as Lake Balaton, among the largest in Central Europe, Aggtelek park, located in the northern part and consisting of karsts caves, the largest of which Baradla Cave, place of residence of prehistoric man, and much more.

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In the Great Plains of Hortobágy, where you can watch the huge prairie full of birds, cattle, horses and sheep. Duna Drava National Park is rich in swamps and lakes, as well as includes the village of Monti Bukk Répáshuta, Szilvásvárad and Lillafüred providing an unique opportunity to admire the cliffs, caves and other beauty of the area.
In Hungary, there are many sources of thermal treatment, in Király, Gellert and Szechenyi baths.
A symbol of traditional cultures is Hollókő village with its old houses and shops, the local national costumes and, in particular, the ruins of old castle of 1200.

Also noteworthy the historic villages Parad and Parádfürdő, Szenna, where in the ethnographic museum you can trace the life style of the farmers of the eighteenth century.
And, of course, to experience the fullness of the characteristic atmosphere of Hungarian and do not miss essential details, your journey could not ignore the capital of Budapest, offering the most vibrant places to visit.