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Since peace and tranquility reigned once again in the Balkans, Zagreb became still attractive for many tourists every year. And it is quite logical, because this wonderful city offers a variety of cultural values and historical fund, as well as attractive and trendy shops which can compete with those in London and Milan.

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Although Zagreb today represented as a modern city with a growing number of bars and restaurants, in fact, this place attracts primarily of its culture and history. Here, an incredible number of museums and a pleasure for admirers of art. Mimara Museum amongst the greatest galleries in Europe, offers excellent assemblage of paintings, sculptures, glass and ceramics.

Other impressive galleries comprise the Strossmayer with its eclectic range of styles, and the interesting Archaeological Museum with a fascinating exhibition of Egyptian mummies. A very different place to visit can be a mysterious cemetery of Mirogoj, complements mausoleums and gravestones.

The city’s population is over 800,000 inhabitants, and it’s the largest one in Croatia, and taking into account the suburban areas will be about one million inhabitants.

Zagreb is placed in the northern part of Croatia and built on the banks of the Sava River, at the foot of the mountain Medvednica.

Zagreb is an important link between Central and Eastern Europe and, on this basis, trade is a key component of the local economy. With regard to industrial production, the most important areas are pharmaceuticals, electrical engineering, chemistry, textile and food.

Every year, Zagreb attracts more and more tourists and most of them come from Austria, Germany and Italy.