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One of the attractive historic regions of Georgia is Imereti, placed lengthways the central and upper flows of the Rioni River. Its center is the beautiful city of Kutaisi, where from late anciently to the Middle Ages, was the sitting of ancient Georgian kingdom of Egrisi. As for today, being the regional capital and 2nd largest town of the state, Kutaisi is amongst the list of world’s oldest cities, and was the core of Colkhide.

In the third centenary BC Apollonius of Rhodes mentioned it in his famous Argonautica.

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The wonderful city of Kutaisi is developed on the banks of the Rioni river, which originates from the Black Sea, in which way in the ancient times Greek Argonauts reach the town in quest of the Golden Fleece.

Here, at every step you can admire the monuments of incomparable wealth of antiquity and culture.

Bagrati Cathedral was built in 1003 the king Bagrat III, who consolidated western and eastern Georgia. Cathedral recognized as a masterpiece of architecture, has long been in ruins and has been restored a while ago.

Gelati Monastery, established by King David the Builder in 1106 as a center of Christian culture and the Academy of Plato. In 1994, it was listed as a World Heritage Site, along with the cathedral of Bagrat.

Archaeological excavations at the local areas were found jewels and gold coins of pre-Christian era.

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