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Travel to Yerevan

Yerevan is alive, dynamic and modern capital of Armenia, disposed in the north-eastern part of the Ararat Valley. Until the banks of the river Hrazdan, crossing the city, Yerevan from three sides surrounded by majestic mountains.

Yerevan every year turns to more popular for tourism and the improvement of infrastructure provides travelers by excellent hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Capital offers a considerable number of amazing sights, including the Yerevan Opera House, the ruins of Urartu and Roman fort. And a true enjoyment for art admirers is a visit of the National Gallery, built in 1921 which offers an exhibition of works of such artists as Aivazovsky, Chagall, Monticelli or Eugene Boudin.

In the modern city center there is a market where you can find out the organic foods, as well as multitudinous of restaurants with delicious food.

It is a place of art and culture on the territory of which about forty galleries and museums, and the most famed of them Matenadaran with a unique collection of ancient manuscripts, numbering about 17,000 items of inestimable value, ranging from the Stone Age to the present.

The religious heart of Armenia and historical location of the Armenian Apostolic Church is in Etchmiadzin, the holy place of pilgrimage, exuding deep spirituality. Echmiadzin is placed about 20 km away of the metropolis.

In the center you can also see the beautiful Blue Mosque, on the site of the old cultural center of Iran.

And of course, is impossible to miss a visit in your tour in Yerevan the open museum open and a Memorial of Armenian Genocide, which was built in 1967 and dedicated to the nearly half a million victims, killed in the interval from 1915 to 1922.

In addition to history and culture Yerevan also offers a variety of entertainment options in the local nightclubs, casinos and discos which are open till late. A nice way to relax is just take a stroll through the busy streets of the center, where a number of gift shops lined up, boutiques of famous brands, outdoor cafes with typical delicious coffee.

Absolutely recommend to pass an evening at the opera and enjoy the dance and traditional dance music of the Armenians.

And at the flea market Vernisage at open air, functioning at the weekend and is located close to the Central Square of the Republic, you can find items by local artists, the Soviet-era souvenirs, textiles, carpets, handicrafts and much more interesting. A great opportunity here to buy spices, dried fruits and products on the covered market on Mashtots Avenue, which is a festival of colors and flavors.

And not far from Yerevan for spending a nice relaxing day, you can go to the beautiful resort town of Jermuk, is famous for its hot springs, or go hiking in one of the many parks and natural reserves.