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Travel to Armenia

Located to the core of the Lesser Caucasus range and with the presence of peaks over 4000 meters, Armenia has a mountain landscape, alternating with valleys and plateaus. The highest peak is Mount Aragats reaching 4090 meters and placed near the capital.

The largest river in the country is Aras, a total length of 1,072 km, originating in Turkey, but in the terrain of Armenia is just 192 km.

Sevan is the largest lake at an altitude of nearly 2,000 meters, with an average area of 1276 square kilometers, is an important freshwater pool.

Armenia is divided into 10 provinces and one special region of the capital, 63% of the population are distributed in urban areas.

Quantity of Armenian communities in the world is large and it has increased considerably following the genocide. Most of today’s Diaspora is drown up of descendants of survivors of the genocide. Scattered around the world, the Armenian Diaspora is an amazing resource in terms of exchange of ideas, experience and global know-how.

Travel to Armenia magnetize increasingly more tourists from all countries, with the existence of the special attractions and natural features and associated with these activities like hiking, climbing, winter sports and others, as well as by the presence of extraordinary historical and religious monuments.

This is a beautiful, warm, hospitable and rich of history and culture country, inhabited by very friendly people.

There are numerous places that certainly deserving a look: Norvank, Khor Virap, Vanadzor, Noradus, and Museuistory in Yerevan, the National Art Gallery, and of course the unforgettable trip to Sevan.

As wrote the famous poet Mandelstam – Armenia is a country of stones, screaming … and these words tried to display the entire hard destiny of the people, the pain of the past and the centuries-old struggle and survived to this day the great heritage of the past. It tells the Bible, it is in Armenia was the very peak of Mount Ararat, where at the time of the great flood, Noah landed with his ark.

In 301, Armenia was among the first countries to adopt the Christianity as a state religion and was Gregory the Illuminator, who created the Armenian Apostolic Church.

And then started the centuries revival of the Armenian civilization throughout the Middle Ages up to the Battle of Manzikert in 1071.

A trip to Armenia promises to immerse into the history of this glorious nation, which is intertwined of the natural charm with the miracles created by man since ancient times.

Here are medieval churches and monasteries, forts, caravanserai of the Silk Road and the extraordinary stone crosses Khatchkar, is a common form of identity in Armenia.

It is a country of natural contrasts, framed by snow-capped mountains and canyons and crossed by clear rivers.

From the bustling capital Yerevan moving in a southerly direction towards the region of Vayots Dzor, at the foot of Mount Ararat with the volcanic cone at 5165 meters, the landscape is dominated by the monasteries of Khor Virap and Tatev. You can visit the incredible gorge Debit with the monastery Haghpat and the mighty fortress of Amberd.