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Car hire in Cyprus by international company Naniko

The island of Cyprus is the third largest one in the Mediterranean. It is divided from 1974 into two parts, North Cyprus is controlled by Turkey, and the southern part is Greek area. Here, an effective control in the south. Since 2004, the southern part is connected with European Union. Here is Paphos, known by its magnificent mosaics and the ruins of the Roman period.
To travel around all the grandiose historical sites of the island, do not hesitate to take a car rental in Cyprus and without any restrictions explore exciting land. It is easiest to do this, by visiting, where you can choose the vehicle for you according all necessary criteria.

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  • If necessary, you can make a reservation for a third person, but when taking a car he should be present and produce documents and credit card in his name.
  • Please, when taking the machine be sure to carry a voucher received by e-mail, as well as a driver’s license and passport.
  • According to the presence of its own fleet Naniko will be able to propose a variety of models, corresponding to any of your needs and you will get exactly the model that select.
  • There is also the opportunity to add another driver to your car hired in Cyprus, supporting by his personal documents.
  • For a safe and convenient travel, company offers optional accessories such as GPS navigation, child and infant seat, luggage baskets, ski racks, snow chains and more.
  • Our prices include liability insurance for damage caused by the accident, as well as third party liability and the value added tax.

Get a gift from Naniko – mileage without restriction when renting a vehicle in Cyprus!

Limassol is renowned for its wines, and you can visit the remains of the Temple of Apollo, Kolossi Castle and admire the mosaic of Ancient Kourion.
Going to the northwest, you can cross the region rich in beaches and coves, where, according to legend, was born Venus. Reaching Paphos seen the place where was the temple of Aphrodite, the Roman ruins and mosaics of Nea Paphos.
From Larnaca better go to the south to see the remains of the Stone Age in Choirokithia.

Along the coast line, tourists will enjoy the beautiful beaches and traditional villages with medieval castles ruins which surprise by their antiquity.
It often hosts various festivals and markets to visit. Greek Orthodox churches and monasteries are always very impressive, immersed in the beautiful scenery, often within the full gold-plated icons, and there is seen a Byzantine style.

Landscapes of Cyprus are very diverse, ranging from extravagant peaks and rocky coasts and grain to the fields. But the pine forests and citrus region with dry climate are refreshing the atmosphere.

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