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Nicosia is disposed in the core of Cyprus and visit this beautiful city creates for everyone a special holiday. The city is parted into two sections because of the tense relations between Greek and north Turkish, it offers a wealth of truly great places proper to its richness in history.

There is nothing better than to explore the city and the whole island with auto rented in Nicosia, and reach the most secret places on your own preferences and itinerary.

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The island has been inhabited since 2500 BC, and in the territory of today’s capital was founded the city-state called the Ledra, which thrived for two centenaries, until was occupied by Assyrians. In subsequent periods, the scale of Ledra was decreased to a small village and only 1500 years later, it began to develop into a real city, in the new Nicosia.

Winds of history many times raged in the city and today, the town is divided in two and friendly welcomes its guests.

If you have an auto rented in Nicosia, you will be able to discover the beauty and charm of the city fully. Historical monuments are concentrated mainly in the southern part. Visiting the charming historic neighborhoods, like the magnificent Laiki Yitonia, you can admire the mosaic of small houses, in which are located cozy restaurants, souvenir shops and art galleries. All the old town is looks like one big open air museum, with its narrow picturesque streets, crowded with life and fun.

A rich collection of local artifacts you will find in the Archaeological Museum of Cyprus, passing the Venetian walls. Then, you can see the most important religious monument of the Cathedral of St. John.

In the area controlled by the Turkish military, you can visit the Selimiye Mosque, built in the fifteenth century in the cathedral complex of Santa Sofia.

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