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Car rental from the Almaty airport. Rent a car of best rates from Naniko

Almaty is placed in the southern part and in antique times was on the Silk Road between East and West. And to this day, trade and the economy are leading in the life of the town, once the capital of the nation. The rich past, leaving an invaluable heritage, attracts millions of tourists.

In the fuss and rush of modern Almaty also not unremembered the old traditions amongst which very popular are the famous steam baths.

To effectively distribute your budget allocated to travel, the most appropriate form and means of moving is a car renting at the airport in Almaty. And a reliable partner in this matter for you will be the company Naniko, which is the largest service provider not only in Kazakhstan, but also everywhere in the world.

Do not miss the chance of bargain deal by Naniko for car rental from the airport of Almaty!

  • The most important fact that auto insurance and taxes are considered in the provided price and you will not worry about it onward.
  • In order to find exactly the car that suits your journey, you just need to visit our fleet on and pick your car for the desired parameters.
  • All our vehicles are at your disposal, ranging from 4×4 SUVs and luxury models to small and medium cars. All of our cars is equipped by modern and in line with the latest trends.
  • Extras which are the children’s car seats, Navigators, luggage baskets, ski racks and more, you can also order and pay on the spot.
  • The requirement in the presence of the driver’s license of the international standard active on case if they are not issued in Latin.

Enjoy the charm of the city and the country with the convenience of services of auto hire at the airport in Almaty!

The major airports of the country is an Almaty International Airport disposed 15 km from the city, through which passes about half of the passenger over and 68% freight of Kazakhstan.

Around 100 flights are performed here every week.

Built in 1935, it was originally used for small commercial and military aircraft. And in 1994 has been transformed into an international one.

In 1998 it was made a global reconstruction of the runway, causing the airport was awarded II category and got its current status. And in the next year after that, during a fire erupted in the kitchen was destroyed entire terminal. The new terminal was built in 2004 and equipped appropriately for the maximum satisfaction of the needs of passengers.

In 2008, a new runway was opened, form which started aircraft with the direction of flight to London Heathrow. With this new band of the airport is able to accept all types of aircrafts without limitations.

Planned to build a new terminal with a super modern technology and the ability to service 2500 travelers per hour.

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