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Belgium disposed in Western Europe and formed from two different regions, the French-speaking Wallonia and Flanders, where they speak Dutch. Today it is a rich nation and Brussels is the core of the EU.

To best experience the charm of this country and have the opportunity to stay here for days with comfort, most arriving people select for their displacement car rental in Belgium. is the right web-page where you will find lots of suggestions from which you can select the most appropriate for you.

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  • The range of optional accessories that Naniko offers simply irreplaceable and will make your voyage more enjoyable for you and your family, as winter accessories and chairs for children, navigators and luggage baskets and much more.
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  • Car chairs for children are needed to ensure your child’s safety and your peace of mind. They vary in height and weight of the child.
  • Desirably, the special equipment request made at least 48 hours in advance. You will get a confirmation after checking their availability.

For a few minutes on the site select the right auto renting in Belgium and discover the enchanting places of the country!

Belgium, with a populace of about 10.4 million people, among the most densely populated countries in Europe, of which not less than 6 million people live in Flanders. Most of the population is converging in the cities and surrounding areas.

Approximately 60% of the inhabitants speaks Dutch, and the rest – in French.

Natural charm, art and culinary features are the strengths of Belgium.

The climate here is characterized as Atlantic with harsh winters and abundant rainfall. The country is rich in natural parks, especially in Wallonia, where the sub-90% is covered by forests.

As beautiful in terms of natural resources, the northern region of Flanders.

Belgium offers a variety of interesting museums, castles and monasteries, visiting of them you can discover the history and traditions of the Belgian way of life.

Belgium offers a unique culinary specialties, not to mention chocolate and beer. The production of Belgian beer is a very prosperous sphere and is known for its diversity. Great value has the beers produced in monasteries.

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