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With an amazing variety of cultural wealth and natural delight, the Czech Republic provides a lively and colorful voyage full of surprises. The entire terrain of the Czech Republic scattered over 2,000 castles, preserved in excellent condition.

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The landscapes of the Czech Republic are characterized by extensive forests, low hills and high mountains. There are many different possibilities of pleasant vacation as unforgettable hiking and cycling, as well as the rest in the bosom of nature. Cities of the Czech Republic are rich in churches, palaces, castles.

And of course, visit the land would not be accomplished without an amazing capital of Prague, which stands on the Vltava River and appears as just a paradise for tourists, where you can wander for hours without getting tired, visiting museums, theaters, galleries and monuments. Cathedrals with golden domes towers majestically over the city, there are more than a thousand of years.

After Prague, the second largest city is Brno, with about 400,000 inhabitants, and the town of Cesky Krumlov is famous for its historic buildings.

Czech cuisine for centuries been subjected to the impact of the country, by which is surrounded, such as Hungary, Austria and Germany, so such dishes as goulash and apple strudel can be found among the assortment. Typical Czech dishes are prepared with corn, beans, potatoes and meat. In the old days people grew these products personally. There are courses, unique in its kind, such as a yeast dumplings on, raw or boiled potatoes, served in a side dish. Here is presented less fish and more meat and vegetables.

It is impossible not mention the famous Czech beer, a favorite drink of the Czechs, who affirm that the drink comes from the town of Pilsen. And furthermore there are the typical drink Becherovka, which is a herbal liqueur with alcohol content of 38%.

Restaurants in the Czech Republic offer an abundance of local and international dishes and are quite cheap, are keep open until 11 at night.

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