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Car renting in Greece. Rent a car with best offers from Naniko

Greece is an admirable country with many itineraries of cultural, educational and just a pleasant stay. Acropolis, Parthenon and other ancient monuments of history made Greece famous for centuries. Museums are of particular relevance, as the country, being the cradle of Western civilization since ancient times, has kept priceless treasures in the museums of the historical and artistic value.
Generally speaking, the most relevant means of travel is becoming a car rental in Greece, because it gives endless possibilities of studying the country, freedom of choice and independence of the route.

In most cities and airports of the country available the offers a perfect service from Naniko for auto hire in Greece!

•    Our fleet offers a wide range of vehicles of various modifications:
•    Compact and economical cars convenient for the city movement
•    Versatile and comfortable for long journeys sedans or SUVs
•    Minibuses for family or group trips 
•    Sport convertibles and exclusive cars, cabriolets
•    All vehicles are tooled with the modern standard bundle for maximum comfort and security, such as anti-lock braking system, airbags, electric windows, air conditioning and more.
•    And if necessary you can always choose from the list of additional accessories navigators, child seats, luggage baskets and much more.

Facilities of vehicle renting in Greece by Naniko – your way to explore the beautiful islands and architectural beauties!

The vast wealth of Greece also in its charming islands, original and not similar to each other. In every direction of Greece, everywhere you will find unique destinations. If you move toward Ionian Islands, geographically closer to Italy, to the Cyclades, where the gorgeous isles of Santorini and Mykonos, planning to travel to an exotic and rich history of Crete , or the pearl of the Dodecanese, in any case, your stay here will be a unique experience, incomparable to anything else. 
The presence of a auto rented in Greece supposes the possibility of the endless ideas for memorable excursions. In the capital, of course, everyone would like to visit the Acropolis -symbol of national culture and how to get in touch with a great history of antiquity. But the country, which has only the name is synonymous with philosophy, art and theater makes it possible to follow in the footsteps of Sophocles, Aristotle, Plato, or dream on the theme of epic tales, full of mythological characters or Olympians.
Islands in Greece occupy about 1/5 of the territory, and about 200 of them are inhabited. The Greek towns and the islands as a magical boxes that preserve the treasures of history. There are picturesque villages where you can enjoy an exceptional climate, delicious food and local folklore.